Trail Tech Vector install on a

’08 KTM 690 Enduro


The installation of a Trail Tech Vector computer on a KTM 690 is a pretty straightforward job until it is related to the computer itself: energy will be picked from the under-key connectors available under the front mask.

The temperature sensor will be installed as per  TT instructions:

This is the result of all the above...:

The first real problem is the incompatibility of the three wire KTM speed sensor cable with the two wire Vector’s one.

Luckily the brake caliper holder plate has the threaded hole for a standard EXC speed sensor cable, the same style supplied by TT with the Vector KTM kit, so the cable problem has been easily solved:

Another problem: the stock 690 speedo sensor “reads” all the front disk brake bolts; replacing one of them with the magnetic bolt included in the TT kit does nothing... So I solved with a little ingenuity and some epoxy...

If you just need to install the Vector alone, this is all.

On the other hand, the 690 is a fuel injected bike, without a fuel petcock with a “res” position, so a fuel reserve idiot light it’s a MUST HAVE!

Enter the Trail Tech Vector Dashboard:

I’ve used the supplied light covers for hi-beam, “N” for neutral, “R” for fuel Reserve and an oil pressure logo to cover the FI light, essential on the 690 to check the status of the engine.

Now all those lights must be connected to the stock instrument cluster connector: I wanted to retain the connector to be able to restore the original instrument, but I was not able to find the suitable male companion for it, so I made some pins soldered to the TT Dashboard harness from the core of some sat-antenna coaxial cable:


Finding the correct pin-out was a matter of studying the KTM electrical diagram and doing some try and error...

So, this is the pinout I have used:

TT Dasboard lights wiring:

A - Hi beam: Light Green/Black

B - Neutral: Dark Blue/Black

C - Fuel Reserve: Orange/Green

D - FI: Sky Blue/Green

Pins to be used in the stock 690 instrument cluster female connector:

Green -> 2

Sky Blue -> 4

Orange -> 7

Light Green -> 12

Dark Blue -> 11

Black -> 15

Hope this helps.



Downloadable gallery here.